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Totally modular and extremely portable, the ICE xPC™ is an exciting new approach to personal computing. Tuck it into your pocket for the ultimate mobility experience.


The ICE xPC™ is the smallest computer yet. Smartphone-sized, modular, and light-weight, you can carry your PC anywhere – right in your pocket!

ICE xPC™ delivers an entirely new experience, connecting you everywhere, at any time:

  1. On the road. Turn your xPC™ into a tablet computer with the ICE xPad™ mobile display.
  2. In the office. Your xPC™ transforms into a mini desktop workstation with the ICE xTop™ (includes a SATA connector for 2.5” mobile hard drive).
  3. At home. Connect your ICE peripherals to enjoy online gaming, HDTV, online entertaining… the list goes on.


General Specs:
x86 GPU/CPU chipset
32 to 128GB SSD
Dual HDMI and DP displays support

External Peripheral Connectors:
One 40pins xPDMI connector(power; data connections such as carry HDMI and DP signals)

Built-in Sensors and Modules:
5M 720p Webcam Gyro sensor Accelerometer 802.11b/g/n WIFI module Bluetooth module


  1. Ultra portable pocket PC
  2. Modular design for mobility
  3. Lightweight (less than 100g, or 4oz)
  4. Wireless peripheral connection
  5. Low energy use (3-11 watts)
  6. Easy upgrade by plug-n-play
  7. Lower investment than traditional PCs
  8. Eco-friendly


  1. Smartphone size form factor
  2. Power efficient x86-based chipsets
  3. Windows and other x86-based operating systems & applications
  4. High-performance motherboard
  5. Built-in WIFI and Bluetooth modules
  6. Built-in camera, gyro, accelerator, and more sensors/modules

Technical Details

General Specification
Brand Name  ICE 
Series  x86 
Series Number  PC 2013 
Hardware Platform  PC 
Operating System  Windows 
Item Weight  80 grams 
Item Dimensions
L x W x H 
4.87 x 2.31 x 0.35 inches
(123.8 x 58.6 x 8.8 mm) 
Color  Black 
SSD  32 to 128G 
Webcam  2 - 5M / 720p 
Sensors  Gyro sensor, Accelerometer, GPS 
Wireless Modules  802.11b/g/n WIFI, Bluetooth 
Peripheral Connector  40 pins female xPDMI (extended PDMI) 
Power Source  AC 
Model Specification
Core i5 
Model Number  PC 2013-42xxY 
Processor Brand  Intel 4th generation processor
(11.5W / 1.6 GHz) 
Processor Cores/Threads  2/4
Core i3 
Model Number  PC 2013-40xxY 
Processor Brand  Intel 4th generation processor
(11.5W / 1.5 GHz) 
Processor Cores/Threads  2/4
Model Number  PC 2013-37xx 
Processor Brand  Intel 4th generation processor
(2W / 1.3 GHz) 
Processor Cores/Threads  4/4

"Specifications are subject to change without notice."



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