ICE xKeyboard™

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ICE xKeyboard™

Ultra-thin, light-weight, and versatile, the ICE xKeyboard™ goes beyond standard keyboard operations to maximize convenience and mobility.

The ICE xKeyboard™’s remarkable design makes interacting with your content fast, easy, and fun. With a track pad built into the space bar, you can command and control your activities right from the keyboard. This innovative design eliminates the need for a mouse and gives you a great mobile experience.

Take advantage of ICE Computer’s modular approach to personal computing. Place the ICE xPad™ on the keyboard and you instantly have a notebook! This combination is perfect for taking notes during a class or in a meeting, working on documents, or managing your email. Then, when you are ready to go, position the keyboard over the xPad and your screen is protected.

The ICE xKeyboard™ is easy to synchronize with your devices whenever and wherever you want full keyboard control. Use it with your TVPC, ICE xPC™, tablet or other systems. It’s there when you need it.


Host Interfaces:

Standard Built-in:
QWERTY key set
Rechargeable battery
Track pad
ICE xPadTM stand

One micro-USB port
On/Off switch


  1. An ICE modular peripheral
  2. Ultra portable—carry it anywhere
  3. Convenient, built-in track pad
  4. Interchangeable among your ICE xPC, tablet, TVPC, and other devices
  5. Connects via Bluetooth or plug-and-play
  6. Doubles as ICE xPadTM stand and screen protector


  1. Ultra thin and light weight
  2. Full keyboard functionality
  3. ICE xPad™ stand
  4. Metal protective cover
  5. Built-in track pad on the space key
  6. On/Off switch for track pad and space key
  7. Bluetooth connectivity
  8. Micro-USB charging port

Technical Details

General Specification
Brand Name  ICE 
Series  x86 
Series Number  Kbd 2013 
Hardware Platform  PC 
Compatibility  xPad™
Item Weight  TBD
Item Dimensions
L x W x H 
Color  Black
Power Source USB Port
Model Specification
Model Number KBD2013-001
Wireless Protocol Bluetooth
Wireless Range ~30 feet or 10 meters
USB Port One
Indicator Lights (LED) Bluetooth connect, Power & Battery
Special Keys Track/Space key, Track/Space toggle key
Connect / Power Connect/Reset button, On/Off switch
Battery Details Rechargeable, Non Accessible, Proprietary
Battery Life Recharge time: Estimated 6 hours
Discharge time: Up to 360 hours

"Specifications are subject to change without notice."


ICE xKeyboard™

  • Specifications
  • Features