Open Architecture

When a PC is the size of a smartphone, the possibilities are unlimited! The ICE xPC™ open connector architecture facilitates the use of existing peripherals and provides developers with the opportunity to create peripherals or accessories as needed.

For example, you could select a low cost gaming “shell” or “docking” device in your favorite color, display size, and with control buttons “only”, and simply plug the ICE xPC™ core processor into the gaming device to play your games. This gives you the power of the ICE xPC™ behind the gaming gear that suits you.

In the ICE xPC™ ecosystem, peripherals are the key to greatly improved productivity for all users. At ICE Computer, our fundamental philosophy is to create core technologies and development kits to assist developers in joining the computing revolution. We want to empower developers to become computing innovators and support new business ventures.

Detailed SDK specs can be downloaded here.